Why building a community where you live is important

Building a community is not easy. It takes a village to raise a child but there are no more villages anymore. This is because you have to find people who have the same interest as you. Religion is important. Culture is important. Values are important.  Even though it is challenging, having a community will be important for your general well -being. One of the best resources I’ve seen for building community is this article. Read it if you want a longer read, if not continue on.

Before you can build a community or join one, there are different questions that you need to ask yourself and they include
 What are values do the community aligned itself with
 What is the purpose of having a community around you
 What days and how often will you meet to engage in community activities
 How is the community structured
 What do you want to offer and also receive from the community.

Having a community is important and here is why;

 Personal safety 

Even though at times it is easy to stay alone, having people around you will give you a sense of security. When you associate with your neighbors, they will treat like family. For example, they will be able to stop strangers from getting through to your house. They will also be able to report any thing that is out of order.
In an event of an emergency, you will get immediate response as compared to when you live in isolation. It is always good to have someone look after you and vice versa.

The National Network for Safe Communities has a great video on why it’s important to build community for personal safety.

Great Resource in my opinion, I hope you feel the same way too.

 Building friendships
When you have a community, you will be able to build strong friendships that can last for a lifetime. You will have people to share special events with throughout the year. If you build strong relationships, you will have a strong support system that will give you support when you are facing a challenging situation.
You will be able to organize group parties that you can enjoy. There is nothing wrong with spending time with good people have meaningful conversations.

 Voice our your rights
It is easy for you to voice out any issues that may affect you if you are in a community. Studies have shown that a community that works together creates a positive environment. You will be able to get attention from the government agencies if you are working as a group. You will also be able to discuss what issues are acceptable and what is not in your community.

You need to ensure that build a strong rapport with your community. This is what will create a positive impact. And we all need that. We need somewhere to belong. We’ll be writing a bunch of posts about how to build community right where you live, not just in Harrison county.