Best Places to meet new people

Best places to meet new people and build a community

Most people tend to be reserved when it comes to meeting new people. But you know, for you to be able to build a strong community, you need to meet new people. The idea of having a community is to have a group of people that share in the same interests as you. That is the reason why you need to first meet people you have similarities with.

If you don’t know ways and places that you can use to meet new people, below are different suggestions.

Book clubs

One of the best ways for you to meet new people is to join the book clubs. If you are keen, you will find many different types of book clubs that you can choose to attend. You need to identify what type of books and genres that you want to read. This way you will find people that have the same interests as you.

Sports class

If you are into fitness, then the gym and other recreational events can be a great way to meet like-minded individuals. It is important for you to choose a gym class that works with your schedule. Probably the most cult like and community oriented fitness community out there (other than some yoga studios) is Crossfit. You can learn all about crossfit by visiting their website at and you’ll see exactly how dedicated and community friendly they are.

Social events and Churches

Most of the different communities hold different events that you can choose to attend. You need to search for the events that interest you.

Art and dance class

For those people who love dancing, then these classes are the best for you. There are different classes that you can choose from. Choose a class that will fit into your weekly schedule so that it can make things easy for you.

The different apps

There are different apps that you can use to be able to meet new people. The different apps will allow you to meet new people who are near you and share the same interests as you. We wrote quite a bit on this in a previous article, so you’ll have to check out our article for the best apps.

Volunteer work

One of the best reasons for building or joining a community is to have the volunteer work. You will be able to help other people as well as meet new people in your area. Volunteering is one of the ways that you can use to strengthen your community.

Things you need to consider

  • Evaluate the values biding the community
  • Find out how often the community meet
  • How is the community structured
  • What will you gain from the community

There are a lot of ways you can meet new people. You just have to get out there and make it happen, and it especially helps if people are working towards a cause.